The simple magic of lists

“If there was a list with things that make me comfortable ‘lists’ would be on top of that list.” This is a quote by Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Not only can I relate to this, I think it bears quite a lot of truth. For anyone. There are a few kinds of lists:

  • To-Do-Lists
  • Bucket-Lists
  • Wish-Lists
  • Shopping-Lists
  • List of lists (uhhh recursion!)
  • Playlists
  • A schedule is in fact just a list of things that have times attached to them
  • etc.

Lists have the benefit that they put our mind at ease. Because we have put it down and we can always come back to it, but we do not need to actively keep it in our minds. Lists give us structure in our lives, because they untangle our minds. Say we are working at a project. Making a list will allow us to trust, that we will not forget anything while absolutely focusing on the part we are working at, this very moment. Without having the next 5 steps in mind.

I know that my life works perfectly without lists. I have my appointments in my calendar, and it is not like I will not be tidying my room if it is not on my to do list. The only list I really need is a plan for what to study in preparation for an exam. Even that I could probably manage without, but I know that I would always be questioning my ability to pass, which would lead to way more stress than necessary.

I am not saying that life without lists is impossible. I am not even saying that lists make everyone’s life better. I am saying that they did for me. They help me keep track of any progress, be it with my hobbies or my studies or anything else. I find ticking off things of my to-do list very satisfying and I love how I never have to wonder what to do next, because it is all right there on my list.

I definitely think, we should all try making lists to organize our lives at some point in our lives. This way we can find our own personal sweet-spot. Some might want to have lists for literally anything. And some will only have a list with the most important things on them. This is very individual and can change not only from person to person, but also from time to time. Maybe this week lists make you feel awesome and next week you will find yourself stressed out by them. That is why we adjust whenever adjusting is needed.

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