I keep hating myself for complaining. And then I realize that I am complaining about things that actually do bother me. So why would we try to be complaining less? Well, anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I am about to say: “Because it is destroying the positive mindset.” Well, yes, that too. But that is not even the only issue with complaining. The main problem is that it is costing a lot of mental energy. Not only ourselves, but also the people we are complaining to.

I am not saying, we should ignore the things that bother us. We need to acknowledge them and figure out what the problem is. Why are we bothered? What can we change? And then we either have to live with whatever bothers us, or we deal with it. Dealing with it will take effort and energy. Most likely even more so, than complaining. But in contrast to complaining, it will actually improve the situation and we do not have to feel bad about how we spent our energy.

Let me give you an example. Maybe you are taking this really boring Calculus class taught by this french Professor, that bothers you every time he opens his mouth, because you cannot stand the French Accent in the English. And also: he is not able to make you understand the materials not matter whether or not you pay attention.
There is nothing you can do about the accent. But you could take the class with a different teacher. Or just study yourself. Or you could complain. Or just study more outside of class, to understand what is happening in class.

Complain will not change how well you are able to follow the class, nor the teachers accent. But there are ways you can take care of the problem. And yes: Studying is tiring. And exhausting. And complaining is so much easier. But dammit, it does not help. So really the only thing we can do is shut up and work hard to make the problem go away.

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