Outer Appearance and its limitations

Looks matter a great deal. But that is only half the story. I noticed this when watching a video titled something like “looking like a Victoria’s Secret Model”. The woman in the video did do her make up and hair and I didn’t particularly like either, but when she did the final shots, to totally bought that she might be a model. It was not her hair or make up, it was her vibes, her aura and ultimately her confidence in the person she is.

They say that the prettiest thing a woman can wear is her smile (or confidence, the opinions differ). But it is not about appearance. It is about happiness affecting a woman’s appearance. The thing is: When we are looking good, we feel more confident and when we feel more confident we look better. It is a cycle.

How do we break that cycle? We dress for both who we are and who we want to be, because that is what makes us come across as the most authentic and it is what will make us the happiest and most magnetic in the long run. This starts with taking stock of who we are and what we want.

We can dress like a runner all day, but if we don’t start running, we are fooling ourselves, but the thing is: we will not be fooling others. People notice very quickly if our appearance does not match our personality and character. It definitely is a good idea to use appearance to remind ourselves of who we want to be, but not only that. It should also be a reminder for us to do what it takes in order for us to become who we want to be.

When our characters match our appearance and we are at peace with who we are, that is when we are the most handsome or beautiful. The most magnetic. Happiest. This is not something that is achieved over night. It requires a lot of emotional and psychological work first to figure out who we want to be. And after that it requires further work either emotional, psychological or physiological to transform ourselves.

The beauty of it all is, that once we figure out who we want to be and start working on becoming that person our confidence rises and dressing the part does not feel fake anymore either. Most humans on this earth never get to that point, and therefore with every day that we spend working ourselves we become more extraordinary.

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