Secrets to a peaceful home

Most of us want to be at peace. Most of us want a peaceful home. I am here to explore some steps we can take in order to achieve that. But we need to keep in mind, that a peaceful home is just one element of creating a peaceful life in general.

Most people’s advice is to remove clutter, and while that definitely is true, it is not the holy grail of peace in one’s home. In fact the trick is to remove visual clutter. Of course decluttering helps with that, but it will not remove the pile of clothes from the chair.

The first step is to keep your surfaces clean. An easy way to do that is, by having the items that are stored on the surfaces a different home in a box, cabinet or drawer. Be sure to be very intentional about anything that is on a surface. It needs to either be a heavy use item, like a monitor on a desk, or an intentional decor piece.

Some people keep thinking, that having clean surfaces will make a space sterile. But there is a big difference between not messy and sterile. The easiest way to prevent a space from looking cold is by adding texture. Some options are drapes, throw blankets or storage baskets. But of course decor can make a big difference.

Another thing that needs to be understood is that there is a difference between your everyday mess and clutter. The key to a peaceful home is removing the clutter, but after that you will still be left with your everyday mess. The clothes you meant to put away, the dishes that need doing, simply put things that you meant to get around to. These things largely contribute to visual clutter, which is why we need to start finding spaces for those things, that don’t look like clutter.The simplest example is probably a laundry basket, clothes that you mean to wash are put away in it, so that you don’t have to look at it. This can be applied to all sorts of things. Have a bowl in which you put your jewelry at the end of the day that you can go through and tidy once a week. If the bench at the foot of your bed is hollow use if for spare blankets, the clothes you take off at night and your pyjamas during the day. Find easy storage options like bowls, trays and little cute boxes to make your everyday mess less of a visual clutter. Work with your habits and your life, and adjust your storage systems accordingly.

Another point is to remember to check in with any temporary solutions. We all have these, but often times they contribute to use not feeling at ease in our homes, because there is this thing we feel we should do. It is worth taking a moment to check if it is worth it. Maybe we just set a too high goal for the final solution, which is why we never tackled the temporary solution. In that case it is best, to lower our expectations and do something that is good enough.

Please remember that it is not about not having any clutter. It is not about not having any mess in your home at all. It is about containing it in a way that does not make your home feel messy and cluttered. This however requires there to be some systems in place.


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