When we feel sad.

Sometimes we have no reason. We don’t really feel bad. We are not really unhappy. But we are not alright either. For me that is exactly the point in time, where I have to get writing. Where I know I have to light a candle and take some take care of my mind of a little. Working on a recovery journal can be helpful to focus on our goals and being grateful and getting a some motivation to get better.

But as great as a Recovery journal is, sometimes, we do not feel like working that hard, when we are not well. I am a fan of lists. So here are two lists, that might help.

A list of things that bother us.

Sometimes it just helps to see what it is, that is bothering us. I like to jam everything down. Usually I have a few points of things that are actual issues and a whole bunch of points that I am just making drama over. However it is important to acknowledge these things. They may objectively not be much of a deal, but in this very moment that we are writing the list, they are to us. And that is why they absolutely deserve a spot on that list.

Even if something is just a drama point: writing it down will allow us to mentally deal with it. Will allow us to be mad or hurt for a bit in a save place. And when we write it down and notice that it is a drama point, which we most likely do, because writing it down makes us think about it, we help us realize that it is not all that bad.

And even if it does not really help with making us feel better, it helps understanding, why we do not feel well. Which is the first step of the way to being healthy and well. As well as it helps us to accept, that we are not perfectly fine and that it is legitimate.

A list of recent great things.

This goes along the lines of a gratitude log. It can contain anything. An awesome talk we had with a friend. A gift we got, or an activity that we really enjoyed. Anything that went well in our lives. Again it is all about acknowledging it. About living consciously.

But maybe you are not in the mood for the rationality of a list. In that case we still need to acknowledge our feelings and express ourselves. Sometimes I find putting on over the top make-up helps. Or singing. Writing, drawing. Any way of expressing yourself. Maybe rearranging furniture or tidying a space. If we choose art to express ourselves, we may not demand it to be good, because that will put us under even more pressure than we already experience.

Another simple way is journalling. I personally have always been journalling from time to time, because I find it is one of the best ways to get my thoughts straight. No one asks us to do it regularly or even every day. We do not have to commit to anything we do not feel up to.

But no matter what we choose to do, neglecting how we feel, because we think we have no legit reason to feel that way is never healthy.

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