There are two concepts about beginnings that I would like to present. These aren’t new ideas. As with most things on this blog, I am merely re-framing things that I find important enough that I think they should be thought about every now and then.

Never skip a Monday. There is a number of ways to express this, but the essential point to make is that starting out right, can be an incredible boost of motivation. Not skipping the Monday ends up making it a lot more likely that we stick to our good habits for the rest of the week. But it is not only about Mondays. It is about mornings as well. I would be willing to bet, this is why Morning Routines have been hyped so much. It is about starting the day, week or month right. Where “right” means whatever you are trying to work on. If you want to become more fit, you step on the scale in the morning and hit the gym on Mondays. If you want to become a better student, you get up early and get in an extra hour of studying before the first lecture.

Restart anytime. If you had a bad first half of the week, do not say “well, it was a bad week, I will do better next week.” That way you are setting up the second half of the week to end up just as bad as the first half, before the second half has even started. Yes, the “starting right” principle can be tremendously helpful. But this is life and that means things will not be going perfect all the time. Don’t give up on a part of your life (like the second half of a week or even day) just because you need a restart. Don’t wait for a Monday or new day to roll around to give you permission to restart. It’s your life. Claim your time. Start over. And do it well.

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